Welcome to our Brothers and Sisters of the Knife

Ward WrightThis website will serve as your guide into the world of precision sport throwing. Feel free to look around and discover what makes knife throwing a safe, fun and exciting sport for the entire family.

Dr. Bainton suggests you read the Knife Throwing and Your Health article before starting knife throwing.

Download our pamphlet “Introduction to Precision Throwing” to learn about this fast growing sport. An IKTHOF membership application is included.64892_475841641773_1115643_n
IKTHOF Knife and Tomahawk rules



UPCOMING EVENTS:  IKTHOF World Championships in Pembroke, Ontario Canada – June 16-18.  More information to follow….

“A club for people who love to throw knives!”

The International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame provides a positive influence and professional service to its members. The association is dedicated to increasing the communication, education and recognition of all knife throwers. The IKTHOF has an open membership policy. It is designed to service the varied needs and interests of members from all knife throwing styles. Get your Membership Application or go to our Membership page and apply online here.