2017 IKTHOF US Nationals ProAm Knife & Tomahawk Throwing Championships

You are invited to join us for the 2017 IKTHOF US Nationals Knife & Tomahawk Championships hosted by Blade Aces Las Vegas at the Superhero Foundry in Las Vegas, Nevada! From April 7th to 9th, some of the world’s best knife and tomahawk throwers will step up to the line in an exciting competition to win the Mike Alamo Bainton Golden Jackpot trophy in Knife and Tomahawk throwing. PLUS the US Nationals will feature the ProAm Conventional Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Championships as well as several other high skill events to determine accuracy, dexterity and proficiency in the sport of precision throwing arts.

The entire event will be directed and filmed like an ESPN broadcast, complete with on camera interviews, a play-by-play broadcast by TV hosts and a set complete with electronic media and displays that will make the sport even more professional and spectacular than ever!!!

We will be debuting the new electronic recording and scoring system designed specifically for IKTHOF tournaments. We’ve been working hard with Ron Thomas and through a generous donation from Hewlett-Packard (donated over 20 tablets!) in developing a proprietary scoring & recording system that will make keeping scores more exciting and less laborious for the scorekeepers and scorers. Scores will be posted on a large TV screen and available in real time. Parts of the event will also be broadcast live via Facebook Live and the entire event will be shot and edited then submitted to ESPN for consideration for broadcast. Professional cameras, editing, graphics and sound equipment will be utilized and therefore a massive sponsorship effort is required.

There will be Youth, Junior, and Senior divisions as well as a No Spin Division and No Spin games. We will also feature the return of our super popular Vegas style money games (Roulette and Blackjack) and the Trick Throw Challenge from the first Blade Aces Tournament in 2015. Sponsors and prize donors are encouraged to contact Melody & TJ Cuenca early (before the March 7th deadline) so that we may put your names on the banners, advertisements, video graphics and promotional materials be created for this event.

First prize for Professional Conventional Knife and Conventional Tomahawk high scores are $500 each, with $300 for second place and $100 for third place. There will be a unique slot machine trophy for each of the winners of the Mike Alamo Bainton Golden Jackpot (Gold Cup) Challenge and mini trophies for the Gold Cup Youth Champions as well.

Traditional games like Silhouette, Speed Throw, Fast Draw, and Long Distance Knife & Tomahawk will also take place on Sunday, April 9th. We expect a large turnout for this event and many throwers have already booked their flights and reserved rooms for this event! Registration limited to first 50 paid registrations due to space limitations at our venue. $150 for pro division (knife & tomahawk), $150 for semi-pro (knife or tomahawk) and $100 for amateur division. First 20 registrants will be entered into a special drawing for show tickets and dinner at some of Las Vegas’ incredible venues! Over $2,500 in cash and prizes!!!

Preliminary rules will be posted soon. Events scheduled are based of available sponsorships and are subject to change. Finalized schedule of events, prizes, sponsors and rules will be made no later than March 7, 2017. Contact TJ or Melody Cuenca through Facebook or email us at director@superherofoundry.com for more details after January 15, 2017.

NOTE: ALL Pro Division competitors MUST provide a brief bio the includes the following information for use during the filming and for announcements and interviews:
Name: Country/State of Origin: Nickname: Number of Years Training: Occupation: Preferred knife/hawk: Four Interesting Facts about yourself.

Thanks and we will see you on April 7-9, 2017 in Vegas, baby!!!!  More details to follow…………………………

Registration for 2017 US Nationals in Las Vegas:

  1. Step ONE:  Complete Registration Form and Waiver
  2. Step TWO:  Return completed registration and Waiver to: director@superherofoundry.com.  Or print them out and mail to Tribal Advantage 3155 W. Post Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89118
  3. Step THREE: Pay for Registration fee in either the PROFESSIONAL ($150), SEMI-PRO ($150) or AMATEUR, YOUTH, SENIOR ($100) division through Paypal below or by mailing a check or money order made out to:  Tribal Advantage.  Mail checks/money order to 3155 W. Post Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89118.
  4. STEP FOUR:  We will send you a confirmation email once your registration, waiver and payment have been received.  Thanks.

Registration Fees

Registration Form and Waiver:  2017 REGISTRATION FORM IKTHOF BALV Waiver 2017