Mission and History

The Mission of the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame is: To honor, preserve, educate and promote . . .
To honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to knife and tomahawk throwing, knife making and education of the public in support of knife throwing.
To preserve professional knife and tomahawk throwing historic documents and artifacts.
To educate the public regarding the origin, development and growth of knife and tomahawk throwing as an important part of the American culture.

To promote the positive values of the sport.

_DSC7284-EditFacts & History

Hall of Fame was opened in September 2003.
In 2008, the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame celebrates it sixth year of excellence in honoring the legends and preserving the history of knife throwing.  Throughout the 6th anniversary, the Hall of Fame will conduct special events celebrating its storied past while promoting the organization’s exciting future.
Since opening in 2003, the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame has grown in both size and stature.  Expansion of the building began in 2006, and renovations, including a major exhibit gallery, were completed in 2008.  Together, these improvements have transformed the original 400 square foot Hall of Fame into an exciting 900 square foot internationally recognized institution.  Today, the Hall of Fame stands as a shining tribute to the men and women who have made professional knife throwing one of America’s most upcoming and ever increasing popular sport.
The International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame is located in Austin, Texas, at 10203 Old Manchaca Road, in the southwest corner of the city just off Interstate Highway 35, 4 miles west on Slaughter Lane.
Why Austin for the Hall of Fame Site?
The International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame is located in Austin, Texas for three primary reasons:
1.  The IKTHOF was founded in Austin in September 2003.
2.  Austin, Texas, dubbed the “Knife Throwing Capitol of the World” in December of 2002 by throwers attending one of the largest conventional throws ever held in the U.S. up to that date.  Called the Central Texas Knife and Hawk Championship at the South Austin Karate Studio which houses the IKTHOF.

3.  Upon establishing a board of 20 professional knife throwers, Mike “Alamo” Bainton with their guidance, established rules for professional knife and tomahawk throwing, which is the standard by which knife throwing the world over is judged.  Publications such as Guinness Book of World Records, newspapers and magazines throughout the U.S. call upon the IKTHOF and it’s Founder for validation and accuracy of knife and tomahawk accomplishments in the world of family recreational and competition knife throwing.

The International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame provides a positive influence and professional service to its members.  Founder and executive director, Dr. Michael J. Bainton, Ph.D., has based the IKTHOF headquarters in the central U.S., in Austin, Texas.  The association is dedicated to increasing the communication, education and recognition of all Knife throwers.  The IKTHOF has an open membership policy.  It is designed to service the varied needs and interests of members from all Knife Throwing styles.

The IKTHOF membership registration will be maintained at the headquarters in Austin, Texas.  One of the IKTHOF’s current mandates is to establish standards for knife throwing by which knife throwers can be ranked in documented competitions recognized by professional throwers.  IKTHOF has a knife and tomahawk throwing training center with 11 professional targets and a state of the art Motor Skills Laboratory with trained Motor Skills professionals to train in all aspects of knife and tomahawk throwing.

Impalement artists, Mountain Man Throwers, Conventional competitive throwers as well as families looking for a safe and inexpensive fun sport throughout the world have sought out the training methods, facilities and Instructors whose resumes attest to the fact that they are the world’s most knowledgeable in the history of knife throwing. The Guinness book of records, many magazine articles as well as newspapers throughout the U.S. recognizes Mike “ Alamo “ Bainton  as the most prolific Knife and Hawk thrower in the history of the sport, winning more documented world titles and first place wins in major competitions with 20 or more world class throwers than anyone in the history of knife throwing. Hall of Fame Inductee Cliff “AWOL” Hill, the facility’s onsite and remote Knife and Tomahawk instructor has a reputation as one of the world’s best competitive throwers in Conventional, Frontiersman and Mountain Man competitions. 

Convention attendees seeking team building skills and group fun activities as well as companies looking for an unusual activity to entertain their employees and their guests have sought out our instructors for onsite training at their facility or here at the World’s largest knife and hawk training facility at the IKTHOF headquarters in Austin Texas.  We would be pleased to add you to the membership as a Knife thrower. Knife throwing instruction, Tomahawk throwing instruction by the best throwers in the world continues to flourish and expand its membership and instructors. We look forward to serving you into the future as we continue to improve the communication, education, and recognition of all Knife Throwers and Throwing Knife Makers across the United States and around the World.