September 25, 2015

Contact Us

International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame Headquarters

10203 Old Manchaca Road
Austin, Texas  78748
Phone:  (512) 280-0611
Fax:      (512) 280-3618
Dr. Michael Bainton, Ph.D, Executive Director
Ms. Bernice Bainton or Deborah Hoover


IKTHOF Official Training Center

The Superhero Training Center

3155 W. Post Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89118  702- 907-XMEN (9636)

Two Expert Level Knife Throwing Instructors with over 17 years combined experience in the IKTHOF.

World Champion Knife Thrower and 3-time IKTHOF Inductee Melody Cuenca

Site of Two IKTHOF US Nationals Championships

Six regulation IKTHOF Lanes up to 10 meters (33 feet)

Two Speed Throw Lanes with Speed Sensors and Recorded Times


Wright Gully Farms & Throwing Range (Site of two IKTHOF World Championships)

Operated by Executive International Director and World Champion Ward “Hightower” Wright
2740 Micksburg Rd
Pembroke, Ontario, ON K8A 6W4
+1 613-735-2741

Valley Axe

4-1886 London Line

Sarnia, ON N7W 1B3, Canada

+1 519-491-8472

Georgia State Regionals

240 Riveree Rd.

Brooks, GA 30205