No Spin Rules

All throwers No Spin throwers, Amateurs Spin throwers, Seniors or Professional conventional throwers may enter the no spin competition.

No Spin Knife Throwing
Rules and Regulations
IKTHOF “No-Spin” Event
The event will consist of 60 throws from 5 distances: 3 throws per distance and 4 rounds. The 3 targets are set to be thrown from left to right. Standard IKTHOF targets will be used along with traditional scoring with 5 points awarded to the center bulls-eye, 4 to the outer circle, etc. If a target is struck unintentionally and out of order it will count as zero (no score).
The knife must be thrown with a “No-Spin” technique, which means it completes an approximate ¼ rotation or less. In some cases the knife’s handle will lead the knife on release. This is technically a larger rotation than a ¼ spin but since the knife was held by the handle, it is considered a no-spin or ¼ spin throw and is permissive. Since there are several techniques in performing a no-spin upon release, as long as the knife is held by the handle, and hits the target point first without a rotation greater than described above, it is permissible.
Three (3) near identical knives are needed for this event. The knives and the competitors technique will be approved before hand by the Range Master on a practice lane to make sure the competitors technique is acceptable, safe for viewers/competitors and that the knives stay within the following rules:
The knives used will not exceed 16” (40.64cm) long from tip to handle.
The minimum length is 10” (25.4cm) from tip to handle.
The minimum weight is 8oz (226g).
Bo Shuriken or Spikes longer than 10” (25.4cm) and less than 16” (40.64cm) in length and at least 5oz (141.7g) in total weight are also permitted and encouraged. If the knife is untraditional or in question, the Range Master must approve the knife before competition.
Handles are permitted on knives, Bo Shuriken and Spikes. Any material is acceptable: Tape, Sports Wrap, Para-cord, and Twine with Epoxy coat, etc.
*Gyro knives, Flying Knives, or any other knife that allows air to pass through the handle to hinder spin is not permitted. Fletching, tassels, are also not permitted. In addition, a length of cordage or chain cannot be attached to the knife to be thrown like a rope-dart. Short spears are not permitted. The regulations for this event define a spear as over 13” (33.02cm) in length with a point/blade which length makes up for less than a third of the implements overall length.
The knife will be gripped by the handle. The point of the blade upon release is either pointing upwards or slightly toward target. At further distances, the point of the blade may be slightly beyond the 12:00 position (Technically, slightly above a ¼ spin). The knife can be held or palmed as high on the blade as one desires. However, the thrower is not permitted to touch the last inch of blade closest to the point when throwing. While not encouraged, the knife can be pinched in the same manner as one would pinch a spear.
*Note that sidearm releases are permissible.
*Note that underhand releases are NOT permissible.
The thrower must throw behind these respective lines:
2m (6’7”), 3m (9’10”), 4m (13’1”), 5m (16”5”) and 6m (19’8”).
If the competitor steps over the set boundary line, he will be warned by the lane official. If it happens again, the score for that throw will be zero (no score) regardless of the knife’s impact. If the competitor executes a sidearm throw, he is allowed to straddle the boundary of the lane but one foot must remain within the lane and behind the set distance. This must be done in a way that does not interfere with another competitor and if this proves to be too distracting he can allow the other thrower to proceed so there is a free lane to his left. If a competitor needs to step forward on each release, they are permitted to do so, as long as the final step is within the set boundary line.
No-Spin is an instinctive style of throwing and has a variety of ways to perform the technique. Release, stance, arm motion, arm position and body movement and grip will vary. As long as the competitor stays within the defined rules and regulations as described above, we encourage you to have fun! Three IKTHOF regulation targets. Targets will have 10 cm or 4 inch center (worth 5 points.), 20cm ring (worth 4 points.), a 30 cm outer ring (worth 3 points.). A 40 cm ring worth 2 points and a 50 cm ring worth 1 point. Knives are scored as they stick, and each thrower must have 3 hawks of the same length and style. The targets will be thrown from left to right. Heights of targets are top targets 60 inches to center, Center target 50-inches to center;
Novice 1-199, Intermediate 100- 199, Expert 200 – 249, Masters 250 – 300

PICK 3 Game

Pick 3 No Spin Game:

Throwers are required to have 3 knives, minimum length of 10″.

We will use the 3’x3′ long distance target in an unmarked Area. A spectator, or a non competitor, will be asked to place 12 marker Flags numbed 1-12between 6′ and 25′.

The flags can be placed wherever they desire so long as the lower numbers are closer than the higher numbers.

The markers being randomly placed do not represent distance so the competitors have to rely on experience or Instinct to adjust their throw accordingly.

Throwers will draw their marker numbers one from each of three jars. 1-4 will be in one jar, 5-8 will be in another jar, and 9-12 will be in the last jar. This will give a more even playing field so that not one person will draw all close while another draws far away.

The thrower will then throw from each marker closest to farthest. Minimum of 2 sticks are needed to move forward for this is an elimination style event.

After all three knives are thrown the range master will retrieve the knives so that throwers cannot “pace out” the distances.

In the event of a tie throwers will then be required to stick all three knives to break it.

Any style is acceptable but a helpful tip would be to *stick* with whatever you can control the best.