Non-Tournament Ranking


These scores are certified by an IKTHOF board member. The rules for the Non-Tournament ranking system are as follows:

IKTHOF Ranking System
Please note that in order to be ranked, membership forms must be completed and sent in to the headquarters in Austin, Texas before a non-tournament ranking may be processed.
• The International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame Association Non-Tournament ranking system establishes an international standard by which knife and hawk throwers may measure their accuracy and versatility, and compare their skill to that of any knife and hawk throwers anywhere in the world. A knife or hawk thrower wishing to be officially ranked by the IKTHOF must first be a member of the association. Membership forms may be obtained at the IKTHOF website or from IKTHOF headquarters.
• A thrower may test a maximum of three times in a 48 hour period for both knife and hawk. A state or country representative of IKTHOF, a certified IKTHOF instructor or an IKTHOF board member can conduct these certifications for ranking and must conduct each test in person, sign the score sheet containing scores for all three tests, have the scorekeeper sign by a witness and send it to IKTHOF headquarters. The top score of the maximum of three tests in a 48 hour period will be considered that thrower’s official Non – Tournamnet score in the Non – Tournament ranking system and posted on the IKTHOF website. Throwers may retest after six months.

IKTHOF Non-Tournament scores 

1. Mike “Alamo” Bainton 282  Texas USA
2. Pat “The Machine” Minter 281  Texas USA
3. Brandon “Danger” Dillon 268 Indiana, USA
4. Mike ”Grossman” Gross  264  Massachusetts USA.
5. RichardSunderland262 –  England
6. Martin Hainsworth260 –  England
6. Taylor Hull – 260 – Indiana – USA
7. Adam “Whip” Winrich  255 – Wisconsin – USA
8. George Leeming 235   England
9. Dr. Ted Eisenberg  234 Pennsylvania USA
10. Thor Ahmad Thoriq 229 –  Jakarta – Indonesia
11.  Bill “Wild Bill” Sweener   200 Massachusetts USA
12. Jeff Clingerman – 176 Indiana USA
13. Will Livengood =136 Indiana USA
14. Chris Geiger 134 Indiana USA
15. Karma kemp 122 Indiana USA
16. Tyler Mitchell – 117 – Indiana USA
17. Jeremy West – 92 Indiana USA
18. Adam Kessie – 72 Indiana USA
19. Ben Eisenberg  90 Pennsylvania USA