We love the sport of knife, axe and tomahawk throwing. Our mission is to help preserve some of the history that would otherwise have been left behind and help introduce more people to the sport.

We want to help educate and entertain the public about knife and axe throwing and we’re delighted at the rise in popularity we’ve been seeing over the last year.

We want to promote positivity, safety and fun within the sport that we love so much.
We have guides on getting into the sport and improving your skills, events on educating and competing and reviews on the latest equipment. We give impartial advice because we’re not sponsored by any brand or manufacturer.

Be Careful!

Knife throwing is a lot of fun. It can be a social, challenging and exciting sport but even when we’ve blunted down the edges we still want you to be careful out there.
These knives can do damage even if they don’t seem sharp and they can (and often do) bounce back towards you.
As we’re always saying a returning axe has no handle.