The Cold Steel Mini Torpedo is as unique a throwing knife as you can get. In fact, I don’t think you can even classify it as a throwing knife. Still, it performs the same function as a conventional throwing knife and should be considered in the same product category (broadly speaking).

The Mini Torpedo is the lighter version of the acclaimed Torpedo thrower. It has a star rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the Cold Steel Trust Pilot has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Cold Steel Torpedos are usually exceptionally fun for target throwing, and this is no different.

So, what makes this thrower so much fun? Let’s find out!

Cold Steel Mini Torpedo First Impressions

Cold Steel Mini Torpedo First Impressions

The Cold Steel 80TORM Mini Torpedo Thrower comes in a box of one and is unlike any throwing knife you have seen before. It is twelve inches long, all black, and has a shape designed for a perfect release. It is from the cold steel line-up of specialty throwing items.

While the thrower is a foot long, it does not feel like a heavy item in the hand. It is extremely ergonomic, and you know instantly that you will be able to throw it at an extremely high speed. There is no carrying case in the packaging, but that is to be expected.

How I Reviewed the Cold Steel Mini Torpedo Throwing Knife

Cold Steel Mini TorpedoI have been using the original version (the cold steel torpedo) for years now. While I would never consider using such an item in a competition, it has been one of my go-to throwing knives (yes, I am calling it a throwing knife, calling it a throwing spike seems so weird) when I just want to have fun.

As such, I reviewed the Cold Steel Mini Torpedo from the point of view of someone that is bored with their current collection of throwing knives and is looking for something that is both the same and different. Let’s look at just how unique the experience is.

How the Cold Steel Mini Torpedo Compares

Easy to Switch to, but Still Unique

I found the Mini Torpedo to be one of the most ergonomic throwing knives I have ever used. Due to it having an edge on both sides of the item, you do not have to worry about holding it in a proper position. You can simply pick it up and begin throwing.

If you are someone that is used to conventional throwers, you will not have a lot of trouble switching to the Mini Torpedo. It is easy to pick up, and I found it easy to switch back to a conventional thrower too!

The Most Versatile Throwing Equipment Ever

It may sound like I am being overly dramatic, but it is true. Due to its shape, weight, and size, it is possible to use the Mini Torpedo however you want. No matter the throwing style or distance, this thrower can handle it. The large size does not impede people that prefer smaller throwers as the slim shape makes it seem much smaller in the hand.

Of course, not all grips are possible due to the weird shape, but that is to be expected. I guarantee that you will have forgotten all about the fact that you cannot practice for your next competition with the Mini Torpedo by the third throw.

Double as a Defense Tool

Just like the original version of the Torpedo, the mini version has one of the sharpest edges ever seen on a thrower. The edge would be appropriate for a hunting knife. In fact, Cold Steel claims that this can be used on fleshy targets, and I wouldn’t disagree with them (they might stab me with a Cold Steel Mini Torpedo).

While we don’t condone the killing of animals for sport, the sharp edges do allow the thrower to be used as a viable defense tool. The only problem is that it is too long to carry in your pocket (and most handbags).

Way Too Dangerous

Its sharp edges make it an extreme hazard. As such, this is not a thrower that should be used by a beginner. Only those that are comfortable using conventional knives should give the mini torpedo a try. Even then, make sure that there is no one standing near the target, as even a light tap from the Mini Torpedo could cause serious injury.

Not Usable in Competitions

Even if you could find a competition that would allow you to use the Mini Torpedo, I would still advise against it. Due to this shape, it is extremely difficult to be consistently accurate with it.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still an incredibly fun thrower, but it just cannot be used by those that take knife throwing seriously.

Is Cold Steel a Good Knife Brand?

Cold Steel is one of the most well-respected budget-focused knife brands on the planet. I have found most of their knives to be a great value for money, although I have been disappointed in a couple.

Overall, I would say Cold Steel is my favorite budget knife brand, and its products should be great for anyone from beginners to intermediate throwers. Lastly, while Cold Steel’s line-up for high-end competition throwing knives isn’t bad either, I prefer other brands (such as Gil Hibben) for that specific use case.

Common Alternatives

Cold Steel Mini Torpedo vs Cold Steel True Flight

Cold Steel Mini Torpedo vs Cold Steel True Flight

The Cold Steel True Flight is a conventional throwing knife but is quite similar to the Mini Torpedo in many respects. Due to its sharp edge, it can also double as a camping or makeshift defense tool.

I would say that your choice between the two should be based on the experience you want. If you need a new and interesting experience, then you should opt for the Torpedo. If you want a standard throwing knife, you should go for the True Flight.

Cold Steel Mini Torpedo  vs Cold Steel Pro Balance

The Pro Balance is designed with sport in mind. However, it is a fairly controversial knife due to its shape. People either love it or hate it. Personally, I did not like the Pro Balance. There are a lot of knives in the Cold Steel line-up that are a much better purchase at a similar or lower price point.

As such, between the two, I would advise that you go for the Mini Torpedo. It is a lot more fun, and the chances of you breaking it are a lot slimmer compared to the Pro Balance.