The Perfect Point PP-060-9 is manufactured by Master Cutlery, a company that specializes in a vast array of instruments ideal for various outdoor uses such as hunting. The PP-060-9, a Kunai-style Japanese knife manufactured in China, is sold under the brand name Perfect Point which is famous and respected in the throwing knives market.

This product by Perfect Point has managed a star rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars for over  2,760 reviews which is a testament to their superior quality and customer satisfaction.

The PP-060-9 throwing knife set is not up to par, however. If you actually want a throwing knife I would steer clear from this set.

We set out to test and review the product to see how it fares against others within the same price range.

Perfect Point PP-060-9 First Impressions

perfect point throwing knife set

The PP-060-9 comes in a set of nine stainless steel throwers with an additional black nylon sheath for protection which I find to be very convenient for transporting the nine-piece throwing knife set.

The knives measure an easy handle plus blade length of 6-1/4 inches which is a perfect length for throwers who are beginners or just starting out with knife throwing. Each of the black blades features a plain edge with a spear point shape which I find perfect for sticking into targets.

The red cord-wrapped handles have Chinese inscriptions on them for design effect as well.

How I Reviewed the PP-060-9

PP-060-9 Throwing Knife SetHaving a reasonable amount of experience with throwing knives from the Perfect Point brand name, I was well aware of the process.

Keeping in mind that these are Kunai-style Japanese knives not designed or intended for throwing as we normally would. I played around with a couple of throwing knife techniques including rotational and no spin both at various distances.

For each of these throws, I used a standard wood plank as a target.

How the PP-060-9 Knife Set Compares

Low Price Point Useful for Beginners

The PP-060-9 is one of the few knives of this kind you can get at a surprisingly low price in the market. If you are someone just starting out on your knife-throwing journey it is best that you stick with a cheap and low-cost option that can give you great value for your money.

You wouldn’t have to worry about these knives breaking or damaging (as much) as you have a set of nine knives to work with. But they will break (as we’ll get to in a moment).

Multi-Purpose Use

As a Kunai-style knife, each of these knives has a circular ring at the end of the cord-wrapped handles.

The purpose of the hole is to attach a rope or sling in order to convert it into a rope dart or throwing knife that may be easily retrieved. I have tried swinging it and latching it onto things as a hook of sorts and works reasonably well.

Does Not Stand the Durability test

Even though I had kept in mind the insanely low price, these knives were surprisingly still of very sub-par quality in my experience. They are extremely lightweight and the material is not very tough either. The tips on these knives would bend and break after just a few very light throws. That was unexpected from a name brand.

The cord-wrapped handles also seem to be a point of inconvenience for most throwers. The wrapping around the handles keeps coming undone after a few throws. This shows that Perfect Point has not used quality material and this is overall not a durable knife at all.

Knife Construction is Not Ideal for Throwing

Since this is a Japanese Kunai-style knife, this product type was not designed with the intention of it being thrown. As a knife thrower, the circular ring at the end proves to be a hindrance while releasing it, especially with a no-spin throwing style.

Throwing knives require the structure to be sleek and aerodynamic to ensure an effortless and comfortable release. For much more experienced and skilled throwers, it would not be a fairly hard adjustment to work around. However, for throwers who are looking to perfect their technique and form, it is not an ideal option.

Is Perfect Point a Good Knife Brand?

Perfect Point is well-known for its value-focused entry-level knife options. Its diverse variety of knives that differ in sizes, shapes, and types allow it to cater to a large market of knife enthusiasts.

With that being said, its lower-end knives are often prone to quality control issues, which has led a larger number of users to complain about their durability. Still, for what they cost, Perfect Point is able to manufacture knives appreciated by all knife throwers all around the world.

Common Alternatives

Perfect Point PP-060-9 vs Perfect Point RC-595-3

Perfect Point PP-060-9 vs Perfect Point RC-595-3

The RC-595-3 Thunderbolt is available in a three-piece throwing knife set including a black nylon sheath for safely carrying and transporting. At 5 and a half inches, it is certainly a much shorter knife than both the knives we have mentioned before. It is also a lot lighter, allowing it to be thrown at remarkable speeds.

You can see my review of the Perfect Point-595-3 here.

I have personally found the RC-595-3 to have a much more flexible and entertaining experience. It also has a much wider learning curve due to its size, shape, and speed. It can be thrown in multiple different throwing styles with ease. While that can not be said about the PP-060-9, it certainly is one of the more unique experiences in the art of knife throwing and can be a great break from the usual routines for professional knife throwers.

Perfect Point PP-060-9 vs Perfect Point RC-179-3

The Perfect Point PP-060-9 is relatively smaller in length than the RC-193-3 with the RC-179-3 also having a bit a little more flash in its design. However, when put to the test of throwing, I found both the knives to be quite fragile and prone to damage with slight inaccuracies in throwing

In my opinion, the RC-179-3 is overall a much better knife when it comes to throwing performance. This is solely due to its shape and sleek design. As a preference for no spin throwing, I find the circular ring at the end of the PP-060-9 to be very problematic to my throwing style.