The Perfect Point RC-595-3 Thunder Bolt Throwing Knife is another cheap knife from the company that manages to hold up quite well, continuing Perfect Point’s tradition of providing value for money.

The Perfect Point RC-595-3 Thunder Bolt Throwing Knife has a star rating of 4.3/5 on Amazon, which is lower than the majority of throwing knives. However, I still found the knives to be serviceable, especially considering the price that they are usually sold for.

So, what can you expect from this cheap and small package? Let’s find out!

Perfect Point RC-595-3 First Impressions

Perfect Point RC-595-3 Throwing Knife

What immediately stands out about the Perfect Point RC-595-3 Thunder Bolt Throwing Knife is the size. They are extremely small, with a 5-1/2-inch overall length. Holding them in the hand, they do feel a little bit like a toy. However, a lot of that can be chalked down to the size and not the build quality. The black blade and the stainless steel construction looks sleek. The item model on the package was, no surprise, RC-595-3.

It comes as no surprise that the knives are extremely lightweight. While there is no grip on the stainless steel handles, it is not difficult to find paracords for knives and make one on your own. Just remember that it will tip the balance towards the handle.

The knives do come with a black nylon sheath, which is pretty much of the same quality as all the other knives in this price bracket.

How I Reviewed the Perfect Point RC-595-3 Throwing Knife

Perfect Point Thunder Bolt Throwing Knife

The main competitor for the RC-595-3 is Perfect Point’s very own RC-179-3. The two knives are lightweight, although the 179 is larger. As such, most of my comparisons were against the RC-179-3.

I tested the Perfect Point RC-595-3 Thunder Bolt Throwing Knife over the course of three days, making sure to test everything from its ability to perform multiple throwing techniques to its durability and ergonomics.

How the Perfect Point RC-595-3 Throwing Knife Set Compares

The Thunder Bolt is Not Just a Name

The Perfect Point throwing knife set is called that because the knife is meant to be thrown fast, and by god does it move really fast. Due to its lightweight, it is possible to hurl the knife at blazing fast speeds at a distance of over twenty-five feet from the target.

Just remember that this should only be done after taking all the necessary safety precautions. On top of that, it can take quite a bit of practice to accurately throw the knife at a high speed. I was still struggling at the end of my third day, and I have been throwing knives for years.

Quite Durable for the Size (and Price)

One of the major complaints of the online user reviews has been that the knives break easily. Usually, online reviews are almost always correct in this regard. However, I did not find them to be true in this case.

As long as you handle the knives with care, the stainless steel blades should be fine. From my 3-piece throwing knife set, all three of the knives are in perfect condition so far. And on that note, the nylon sheath is also holding up pretty well.

Ideal for Kids

The lightweight and small size make this knife the perfect set for your children. On top of that, the knives are also safe since the edge is not that sharp. If I had to recommend one throwing knife set for children, this would be the one. The balanced throwers would also allow your kids to develop good knife-throwing habits and get a feel for how most other knives function.

Large Hands?

It should be obvious from the total length, but these knives cannot be used by anyone that has large hands. Thankfully, I prefer knives around eight inches in length, so I was able to adapt to the small size quite easily. However, if you are someone that usually uses a twelve or ten-inch knife, you will not be able to throw the RC5953 Thunder Bolt, or not throw it well, at the very least.

Only Useful for Soft Targets

Due to their lightweight construction and small size, the knives do not pack a punch. As such, it can be difficult to stick them into hard surfaces unless you throw them really hard. If you are going to purchase these knives, make sure that you have a soft target available. Otherwise, it would be like banging your knife against a concrete wall.

Is Perfect Point a Good Knife Brand?

I have really enjoyed Perfect Point’s value offerings in the past. They are able to offer reasonably good products at the lowest price possible and are great to have around for target practice or just for a bit of fun.

That said, their cheap products are still cheap, and they should not be considered anything more than a budget product. Their high-end products, on the other hand, are some of the best in the industry. As such, the Perfect Point is one of my go-to brands when it comes to purchasing a throwing knife.

Common Alternatives

Perfect Point RC-595-3 vs Perfect Point RC-179-3

Perfect Point RC-595-3 vs Perfect Point RC-179-3

Both the knives are quite similar to one another. None of them is a great product, but both of them get the job done for target practice at a really low price.

The only differentiating factor is the size. If you want a really small throwing knife set, then the RC-595-3 is the one for you. If you want a slightly larger knife but one that is still really lightweight, then you should go for the Perfect Point RC-179-3.

Perfect Point RC-595-3 vs SOG Fling

The SOG Fling is a lot more expensive, and thus a lot better at pretty much everything than the RC-595-3. If you have the budget for it, I would recommend going for the SOG Fling. However, unless you really do have a use for the higher-priced model (and you actually know how to get the most out of it), there is no reason to spend extra.

For most beginners, the RC-595-3 should get the job done. That said, if you have been using knives in the same price bracket as the RC-595-3 for a while, then I would recommend that you upgrade to the Fling.