We wouldn’t be mad if you thought the Perfect Point RC-179-3 is a subpar knife considering its price. However, it provides a compelling package making it more popular than it deserves to be.

With a 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon, the Perfect Point throwing knife is great for those that want a reasonable knife for a reasonable price. The only thing is that there are other knives at the same price point that are equally as good, which makes the Perfect Point not so special.

So, what is it that makes the Perfect Point throwing knife good but not great? And (more importantly) what would we suggest instead if you wanted a better one for the same price point?

Perfect Point Knife First Impressions

Just like any other throwing knife at this price range, the Perfect Point comes in a package that is uninspiring, to say the least. You get the standard lightweight knives along with a black nylon sheath.

The stainless steel construction makes the Perfect Point a well-balanced knife. The steel handle is not covered in paracord or any similar material, and the nylon belt sheath can only be described as average and lightweight. However, this is what you expect from a cheap knife. As long as the center of gravity is adequate for a balanced throw, there is no reason to compare this to quality knives that cost over four times as much.

The one thing that I must mention is that the spider-printed decoration makes the stainless steel throwers look cheap. There was no reason to put them there and ruin the design in my opinion. At the very least, the color should have been a tone of grey.

How I Reviewed the Perfect Point Throwing Knives

Perfect Point RC-179-3

Having used many entry-level throwing knives, I reviewed the Perfect Point just like I would any other full-tang knife. I used the knife for a week and tried to recall my experience in knife throwing to judge how the Perfect Point stacks up against other cheaper knives.

While I do not participate in competitive target throwing, I have used hundreds of knives before, allowing me to judge everything from the steel handle to the sharp edge.

How the Perfect Point Throwing Knives Compare

The Right Size For Most People

The 8-inch stainless steel blades are the perfect size for people with small to medium-sized hands. To be honest with you, a 10-inch long knife is usually too large for me when I am trying to throw it in quick succession. However, experienced throwers may not have to deal with this particular problem, and they may in fact prefer heavier knives with a longer size. That said, if you are someone that has mostly used longer knives, give this triplet of stainless steel throwers a try.

Spin Them However You Want

perfect point throwing knifeI have found the knives to perform consistently no matter which technique I use. I first tried out rotational throwing, followed by a few minutes of no-spin throws.

In fact, the severe lack of weight may make these knives feel different than anything you have ever thrown. A couple of my friends (yes I have them) that tried out the knives loved the skill curve associated with learning to throw the Perfect Point, as they had only thrown heavier knives before.

You Can’t Afford Not to Own Them

I have to mention this again! The Perfect Point provides a completely unique experience for almost nothing. As such, even if this review lists some features that you do not want in a throwing knife, it might be a good idea to purchase the knife anyway and do a little target practice. You may be pleasantly surprised by how they perform.

Not Suited For Professionals

One thing to remember is that these are dull knives that are not that difficult to bounce off the target board, even when thrown with considerable force. As such, they are only good for target practice.

However, this does make them ideal for children. Especially those that are unable to handle a hefty knife made of heavier materials.

The Steel is of Low Quality

While it will come as no surprise, the steel used is of an extremely low quality. One user noted that one of his knives arrived bent at the edge. Even if that occurred after shipping, a knife that is meant to be thrown at wooden targets should not bend that easily.

Is Perfect Point a Good Knife Brand?

Perfect Point is known for making extremely high-quality throwing knives. For example, the PAK is an excellent knife. However,  the RC-179-3 should not be held in the same esteem due to its low-quality production.

Common Alternatives

Perfect Point vs SOG Throwing Knives

Perfect Point vs SOG Throwing Knives

The SOG throwing knives are much more expensive, and thus should not be compared to the Perfect Point. Everything from the nylon sheath to the steel handle is of higher quality (and more durable). Unless you are looking for a backyard knife that you can use to practice throwing, going with the SOG is a better option.

The full-tang, stainless steel construction on the SOG is impeccable, and the cord grip allows for versatile throwing (as the grip can be taken off to reveal the steel handle underneath).

If you do have the budget for the higher range SOG knives I’d suggest looking at the SOG Fling review.

Perfect Point vs Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives

The Bullseye throwing knife by Smith & Wesson is similar in size to the Perfect Point, but it works quite differently. For one, it is heavier, which leads to it being better for medium-range throwing. The steel used, while Chinese, is still of a slightly higher quality than the one found on the Perfect Point.

Most importantly, however, are the known quality control issues on the cheaper Smith & Wesson knives. There have been numerous reports of individual knives in the pack being of a slightly different length and weight. Even if you have an extremely well-balanced knife, it is extremely difficult to consistently hit your target if each knife has different dimensions and weight.

Simply put, while the Perfect Point is a decent knife for its price, there are alternatives available that are at least equally as good. If you want an extremely lightweight knife, then go for it. Otherwise, although there are better options, there is no harm in giving this inexpensive knife a try.