The SOG Fling is considered to be one of the must-haves when it comes to throwing knives. It is not too expensive but provides all the necessary features for both beginner and intermediate throwers.

SOG Knives have a 3.4/5 star rating on Trustpilot. While that is not great, it is above average for a throwing knife company. The Fling specifically has an average rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon, which is an above-average rating for knives in this price range and further piques my interest in the stainless steel knife.

So, let’s look at how the SOG steel knife stacks up against comparable products, beginning with the unboxing experience and ending with a direct comparison with its alternatives.

SOG Fling Throwing Knife First Impressions

sog fling review

The item model on our unit was FX41N-CP. The initial impression of the knife can only be described as “meh”. I must say, the picture on the Amazon page made the knife appear much prettier than it is in real life. The satin finish looks almost completely different from what was advertised. This is a 9.5-inch full-tang stainless steel knife, with a blade length of 2.8 inches. While the blade edge seems sharp enough, the spear point blade design is uninspiring.

The 7-foot paracord handle, on the other hand, feels very premium. With a camo design, the removable paracord adds additional grip and is tightly wound, making sure that it will not slip off, unlike some other knives I have tested.

Lastly, the black nylon sheath is easily the best I have used in this price range. It feels soft to the touch but still durable enough to survive at least a few months of use (which is all you should reasonably expect). The knives fit snug and can easily be pulled out through the 7 feet of paracord that is wrapped around the handles.

How I Reviewed the SOG Fling Throwing Knives

I tested the SOG Fling knives over a period of three days. To be clear, I have used the knives in the past, but I still wanted to give them another try so as to compare them directly with knives of a similar blade length.

The knives were tested with multiple throwing styles, and the stainless steel construction was put to the test in both wood and cardboard target practice. Let’s look at what I found after hours of hurling abuse at the blade.

How the SOG Fling Throwing Knives Compare

Durability is Amazing

Considering the way I treated the review unit (I already have a pair for normal use), I am unable to comprehend how the knives managed to survive. Sure, your mileage may vary, as an expert knife thrower handles products quite differently from the amateur. However, if used properly, the chances of breaking a knife is minimal. Obviously, the steel chips away when used on wooden trees, but that is to be expected.

On a similar note, the camo paracord handle did not loosen or come off once. This is quite rare for knives at this price.

Hitting the Target is Easy

I was surprised to find how easy it was to hit the target with the Fling. The excellent balance combined with the broad dagger profile of the blade makes up for a solid throw which is in some cases better than pricier knife sets.

The Conditional Warranty is a Nice to Have

SOG provides a limited lifetime warranty for its products. As long as your SOG blade is kept in good condition and maintained properly, SOG offers repairs and replacements. That said, I have never personally tested the service, and it has received mixed reviews online.

sog fling

The Edge Needs to be Sharpened Repeatedly

Nobody likes dull knives, and thankfully the Fling knives come with a fairly sharp edge. However, the edge loses its, well, it loses its edge relatively quickly. Unless you have a tool to sharpen the blade, you will have trouble getting it to stick to the target.

This isn’t unique to the SOG Fling of course, but something I noticed more in that three-day period than some of the other knives.

The Tight Paracord-Wrap Handles Present a Conundrum

On one hand, the paracord wrapping provides an ergonomic grip and does not loosen like many other knives. On the other, this also makes removing the grip to install your own (or use the knives without the grip) a lot more difficult. As such, I would recommend purchasing the knives only if you are sure you can continue using the paracord handles.

Are SOG Throwing Knives Good?

SOG throwing knives are known to knife throwers as extremely reliable and sturdy. The company built its reputation on high-quality products, a reputation that holds true to this day.

However, the company’s customer service has been getting progressively worse over the last few years. An increasing number of customers have complained about non-cooperative personnel that fails to replace defective products. That said, it is rare to purchase a defective SOG product, so you may not have to contact customer service in the first place.

Common Alternatives

SOG Fling vs Kershaw ION Throwing Knives

SOG Fling vs Kershaw ION Throwing Knives

There is pretty much no competition between the Fling and the ION. They are both similarly priced, and the Fling outperforms the ION in every conceivable way. It has better balance, is a lot more versatile (the ION cannot perform no spin throws due to the ring pommel), and its paracord grip does not loosen as easily. Whether you are taking part in backyard competitions or just playing around, the balanced design of the Fling coupled with the superior blade is bound to perform better than the ION.

The only advantage of the Kershaw ION is its looks. The 3Cr13MoV satin-polished stainless steel on the Fling may be much better for throwing, but the blackwash finish on the ION takes the cake when it comes to aesthetics.

I’ve done a full review of the Kershaw ION here but unless you’re just looking for another to add to your collection I’d go with the SOG.

SOG Fling vs Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives

The major advantage of the Fling over the Bullseye is quality control. The Bullseye is known for having varying sizes and weights among knives from the same pack, although only a few users have reported this issue. However, considering how cheap the Bullseye is over the Fling, we would recommend casual throwing enthusiasts or those that are just getting into knife throwing go for the Bullseye. That said, not considering the price difference, the SOG Fling is a slightly better knife.

I’ve reviewed the Smith & Wesson throwing knife because of the well-known name but the SOG Fling is the better knife.

Overall, the SOG is a great knife for its price. While you will have to make some compromises, you will generally be satisfied with your purchase. Just make sure that you have something to sharpen the edge with if you plan on using it for the long term.