The SZCO Supplies Heavy Throwing Knife Set is exactly what you would expect: A pack of hefty full-tang knives that always stick to your target, with a force that would probably scare all the lightweight knives if they were people.

With a star rating of 4.6/5, the SZCO Heavy Throwing Knife support and aerodynamic design for every style of knife throwing and the durability to satisfy seasoned throwers. While they may not be for everyone, those that love heavy throwers will love this affordable throwing knife set.

So, who is the SZCO throwing knife for? And who should avoid it? Let’s find out!

SZCO Heavy Throwing Knife First Impressions

The weight of the knives is immediately obvious when you first unpack the knives. As someone who prefers lightweight knives, I was apprehensive as to whether I would be able to throw the SZCO set properly. The steel did not seem that premium, and I believe the finishing could have been better. The item model on the box was CN21116103.

What’s really worrying is the fact that one of the tips was slightly bent out of the box. Fixing it did not take a lot of time, but the knife would have been useless for someone that did not know how to fix this problem.

The black nylon belt sheath is serviceable, but it’s not remotely close to premium. That’s fine though, as the main job of the sheath is to be durable and provide a carrying pouch for the knife. There are knives with nylon sheaths that are much better at a lower price, but then again, there are knives that are much more expensive that do not come with a nylon sheath.

How I Reviewed the SZCO Throwing Knives

SZCO Throwing KnifeThese are heavy knives, meaning that they are meant to be thrown at hard surfaces. That is precisely what I did. My main goal was to gauge their durability and make sure that the 2.75-inch spear-point head was able to stick to all the standard surfaces that a knife thrower would usually use as a target.

I also made sure to test them in multiple styles to see if they could always provide a balanced throw. As experienced knife throwers will know, there are many knives that are great for certain styles (e.g. no-spin throw), but they fail to be a capable all-rounder.

SZCO Throwing Knives Review

Stick it in

Yes, these knives will pretty much stick to anything. Taking them to the nearby park and testing them against the thickest tree I could find (not sure which type of wood it was, I am not that big of a nerd), the SZCO throwing knives had no problem. A lot of regular knives struggled against the same tree, such as the Cold Steel Carbon Hunting Target, even though it uses carbon steel.

Yes, Your Knives Are Safe

Durability shouldn’t be that much of a concern on these knives considering their form factor. I found the stainless steel construction to perform exactly as expected. After three days of heavy use, nor the blade and nor the handles had cracked or broken.

However, there are a lot of scuff marks on the knife. On top of that, the sharp edge seems to have lost some of its sharpened. It seems that the stainless steel blade edge will need to be sharpened quite often if you are planning to use the knives regularly.

The Ideal Knife for Competitive Throwers to Practice

The knife has a bit of a learning curve. On my first day with them, I could barely hit the target. However, I was quite decent by the third day, and beginning to appreciate the advantages of using a heavier knife.

Simply put, this is a knife for knife throwers. Those that have already tried many throwing knives would love the unique experience that these stainless steel throwers provide. And once you switch your throwing style, you will have to go through the learning curve all over again.

Only For Experienced Throwers

Due to the way the SZCO Heavy Throwing Knife handles, it is not ideal for beginners. Kids will have trouble handling the knife, and those that have not used a lot of knives will find it troublesome to switch back to regular knives if they spend too much time with this set.

However, if you are a beginner that is not satisfied with your current set of knives, or you are finding it difficult to be proficient with them, then it couldn’t hurt to give the SZCO Heavy Throwing Knife a try.

Quality Control Issues

I always first test the knives on my own before reading the online reviews (unless I am buying a set for personal use). I was disappointed when I discovered that one of the tips was bent out of the box. Going online, I was to discover that this is a common problem in this unit.

As such, if you are a beginner or someone that cannot fix bent tips, I would recommend that you avoid this knife. However, remember that despite the quality control issues, the knives are really durable. As such, if you can fix any problems you experience out of the box, the set will last you a long time.

szco throwing knives

Are SZCO Knives Any Good?

SZCO is an extremely popular throwing knife brand. However, this isn’t due to its exceptional quality. Many other brands, such as Gil Hibben, are much more premium and perform a lot better.

That said, SZCO still has a lot of throwing knives in its catalog that can be considered top of the line. As such, as long as you are careful when selecting which knife to buy, SZCO should be able to cover you very well.

Common Alternatives

Perfect Point vs SZCO Throwing Knives

The Perfect Point RC-179-3 is not a knife that I would recommend to most people. The steel used is of a much lower quality than the SZCO Heavy Throwing Knife. On top of that, it tends to break if used in a rough manner.

The design philosophy behind the Perfect Point knives is the exact opposite of the SZCO. Instead of creating an extremely heavy knife, they have decided to create a lightweight one.

While other knives in the Perfect Point range are of impeccable quality, I would recommend that you go for the SZCO due to its durability and performance (once you get past the learning curve).