What’s the best way to determine if a throwing knife is meant to be premium? It comes in a leather sheath. The Uzi Throwing Knife Triple Set is one such knife, but is it any good?

While the Uzi Throwing Knife Triple Set has a star rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon, the number of one-star reviews is extremely low. It is a knife that has been lauded for not getting anything wrong, even if it may not be the best knife in the world by any means.

Keeping the fact that the Uzi’s features are meant to justify its price in mind, let’s take a look at its pros, cons, and a comparison against a similar knife set.

Uzi Throwing Knife Triple Set First Impressions

With the item model of UZKTRW004, my set of Uzi Throwing Knives came in a brown leather belt sheath. While it is not a ‘designer leather sheath’ as the company claims, it is still better than the protective nylon sheaths you usually find on knives at this price.

Coming to the actual knife itself, it looks absolutely beautiful. I love the design, especially the way the knife handle melts into the stainless steel blades. The blade edge seems really sharp, and the blade material seems durable. When it comes to first impressions, I have to say that this is one of my favorite knives.

uzi throwing knives

How I Reviewed the Uzi Throwing Knife Set

When it comes to categories of knives, the Uzi is a mid-ranger. As such, I tested the knife for a few days and tried to gauge its pros and cons relative to similar knives by other companies. As a huge fan of Uzi black knives, I knew what to expect. Still, I was pleasantly surprised by the knife’s overall build quality.

While I haven’t participated in competitions for knife throwing, I am still quite a competitive knife thrower. Having tested hundreds of knives (and having them laying around my backyard), I can easily judge whether a knife is suitable for accurate throwing in competitions, or if it’s just good enough for a practice session.

How the Uzi Throwing Knives Compares

Great for Small to Medium-Sized Hands

I am not a huge fan of those 12-inch “butcher knives”. A throwing knife is meant to be sleek and compact, allowing you to practice various throwing styles. That is exactly what the Uzi 3pcs knife set is. Although it is a bit on the heavy side, it can still be used to practice any style.

The Uzi is one of my favorite knives for beginners. Although I wouldn’t recommend it for kids due to its weight, it is ideal for young teens that are trying to get the hang of blade throwing.

Good Luck Trying to Break it

Usually, the biggest complaint that people have for throwing knives online is that they break quite easily. However, complaints about the Uzi are few and far between. Using it, it was obvious why.

After three-five days of heavy use, there isn’t a discernable mark on the blades. The stainless construction has held up really well, and the black blades look good as new.

However, the stitching on the belt loop style sheath has begun to loosen, and it seems like it won’t be long before it tears apart. To be honest I don’t think this is a massive issue, especially considering the price point. I’d rather the knives threw well.

A Double Edge Blade With Double Use

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the sharpest blade I have ever seen on a throwing knife. While this does mean that you need to be careful when holding it from the blade, it also means that the knife has no trouble sticking to any surface.

More importantly, it allows the knife to double as a protection tool. I wouldn’t say that this should replace your pocket knife specifically designed for protection, but it can still do a well-enough job.

Call me Chameleon

Due to the black blades and handles, the knives can be a bit difficult to spot if they fall into grass or similar terrain. In fact, I had trouble finding them when I accidentally dropped them in a muddy patch (Yes, I’m clumsy).

The problem seems to be with the shade of black used to coat the blades. Other black knives, such as those by Smith & Wesson, do not suffer from this problem as much.

The Monogram Wears Off

This is more of a personal gripe than a disadvantage, but I found that the logo on the handles wore off after just a few days of use. What’s worse is that it doesn’t wear off completely, essentially leaving a white mark on a perfect-looking set of black knives.

As someone who really cares about the aesthetic of his knives and likes to hang them in his shed, this is more than a slight inconvenience. Still, I have ordered another set to hang in my collection, while my current set will be spending time in my backyard.

Are The Uzi Throwing Knives Any Good?

Uzi has a reputation to maintain. The company has been around since the 1950s and has been responsible for some of the most iconic firearms and tactical gear ever made. Its products are regularly used by the secret service and special forces. As such, it is safe to assume that Uzi makes knives that can be described as better than average.

However, each model is different. Affordable knives can obviously not compete with the premium stuff, and it is best to ensure that the knife that you are ordering is the knife you need by going through the online reviews.

Common Alternatives

Cold Steel 12 Inch vs Uzi Throwing Knife

Cold Steel Knives vs Uzi Throwing Knives

The Cold Steel Hunting Target Throwing knife is one of the worst knives I have ever used. What bothers me is that it costs more than the Uzi, breaks as easily as a cheap toy, and there is no carrying pouch in the box (not even a nylon sheath).

Even before it breaks, Cold Steel is no match for Uzi. Sure, it is better for no-spin throws due to its aerodynamic shape, but the Uzi is better in every other way. No matter how experienced you are or what you are planning to do with your throwing knives, you should go for the Uzi over the Cold Steel.