When you go online and check the price of the Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives, you think “Hmm, not a bad deal“. Only when you learn that the price is for twelve knives and not three is when you gasp with surprise.

With a star rating of 4.4/5, the Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives seem like a dream come true for a budget-oriented knife thrower. Obviously, they do cut corners, but at this price, you simply don’t care.

So, what are the sacrifices you will have to make when you purchase the Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives? Let’s find out!

Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives First Impressions

The first wave of surprise that you get when you open the box is the confirmation that yes, you actually got the twelve knives that you were promised. The item model on our unit was 25-9044, and the knives came with a nylon carrying case.

Just to be clear, this isn’t a nylon sheath. A sheath wouldn’t be able to carry all of the knives in the box. Instead, this is a case with a belt loop and Velcro closures. It isn’t ideal from a portability standpoint, but it gets the job done. It goes without saying that at this price, it looks and feels incredibly cheap.

Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knife

The knives echo a similar sentiment. The cord-wrapped handles look ugly (seriously, why would they use this color for the cord), and the blade doesn’t look that much better. More importantly, the knives are extremely short. While the blade length is adequate at 3.125 inches, the total length of the knife is 6.5 inches, rendering it effectively useless for a significant portion of throwing knife enthusiasts.

How I Reviewed the Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives

The Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives were reviewed keeping their price in mind. When a company is able to provide you with twelve knives for the same price that its competitors are charging for a three-piece set, you have to factor that into account.

Whetstone Cutlery Throwing KnivesAs someone who is used to both low-end and high-end knives, it is quite easy for me to determine where the company cheaped out. This set was tested over a single long day, and while I usually test a knife for three or four days before writing a review, I did not feel that was necessary as all the shortcomings and the strong suits of the knives are immediately obvious.

How the Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives Compare

The Price is Outrageous

I have talked about this extensively so far, but I feel that it must be mentioned once again. Compared to the competition, Whetstone is able to provide an entry-level knife for essentially a quarter of the price of its competitors. You simply cannot afford not to own this.

They Get The Job Done

These are S-Force Kunai Knives, made of stainless steel and with all the features that you would expect from an expensive knife. Sure, everything from the coated blades to the general feel of the throwing knife screams low-quality, but it is still more than adequate for someone learning to throw a knife or just trying to have fun.

The Ideal Knife for Kids

Due to the small size and the easy-to-grip handles, these knives are perfect for kids. This is a balanced throwing knife, even with the cord grip on the handles, and having a dozen knives in the bag means that your kids can break as many of them as they want.

The Ringed Pommel is a Problem

I have never been a huge fan of ring pommels. Sure, they are great for whipping the knife out of a belt loop nylon sheath or hanging it somewhere, but they do not allow for the same versatility as a standard handle does.

Here, the ringed pommel makes performing certain throwing knife techniques a bit difficult. For example, I found it extremely problematic to nail no-spin throws to the target, even at distances where I am usually always accurate.

They Will Break, A Lot

Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives Broken

It should come as no surprise that some of the cheapest stainless steel was used to make the throwing knife. As such, the knives will definitely break while in use. In the single day that I tested the knives, four of them bit the bullet. I am someone who has been playing with throwing knives for years, imagine the damage that a novice could cause.

Is Whetstone Cutlery a Good Knife Brand?

Whetstone Cutlery is a decent budget-oriented brand. If I wanted a premium knife, I would never go for Whetstone Cutlery, as there are far better alternatives out there. However, considering the fact that the company is willing to undercut its competitors by massive amounts, I would say this is a brand worth taking a look at if you are just starting out.

Common Alternatives

Whetstone Cutlery vs SOG Throwing Knives

The SOG Fling, while quite similar in shape and feature set to the Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives, is over twice as expensive for a 3Pcs knife set. As such, it comes as no surprise that the SOG Fling is far better than the Whetstone Cutlery in every way, beginning from the ergonomics and ending at the performance.

The fact that the Fling does not have a ringed pommel also allows it to be more versatile, making it the ideal mid-range knife for most people. If you are someone that plans to take knife throwing seriously, going for the Fling is a much better idea than the Whetstone.

Whetstone Cutlery vs Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives

The Smith & Wesson Bullseye is cheaper than the Whetstone, but it also only comes in a 3pcs knife set. However, Smith & Wesson is once again a much better knife that can be used for multiple throwing techniques. Considering how cheap it is, I would recommend getting two sets of the Smith & Wesson Bullseye rather than the Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives. The Bullseye will probably last you longer too as the build quality and the stainless steel used is much better.

The art of knife throwing is extremely complex, and the knife that you use impacts your performance a lot. If you are looking for something cheap to play around with, there is nothing better than the Whetstone Cutlery. However, if you are someone that plans to take knife throwing seriously, going for the Bullseye or the Fling is a much better idea.