We’ve tried to look at both style and actual use for our rundown of the best rainbow throwing knife.

Let’s face it, throwing knives are fantastic. However, you know what’s more awesome? A knife that looks beautiful when in motion before it sticks dead center to the target. Okay, rainbow knives are a bit controversial, with purists arguing that they do not add any value to the art of knife throwing. Still, they can be incredibly fun to use, and they are exactly like your average throwing knife (except they have a colorful pattern).

Here, we have a list containing some of the best rainbow throwing knives that you can use. To be clear, we are not ranking the knives based on the patterns but rather on their utility. As long as the knife has a colorful pattern of some kind and functions better than others as a throwing knife, it will be on the list.

So, regardless of whether you are a beginner looking to impress your friends or a pro looking for a way to have fun, you must be wondering what are some of the best throwing knives that you can use if you clicked on this post. Without further ado, Let’s find out!

Our Rainbow Throwing Knife Recommendations

Before we tell you about the best rainbow throwing knives, remember that your first priority must be that the knife that you are purchasing is a functional throwing knife. If you base your decisions only on the pattern or the color, then you may have trouble using it.

There is no point in having a knife that looks good but can never hit the target. Even worse, the chances are that a low-quality knife will break quite easily. When I tested knives for this list, I was absolutely shocked to discover that most of the rainbow knives on the market were by obscure brands and broke within a couple of hours of use. Just to be clear, I am someone that has extensive experience in knife throwing, and I know how to properly and safely throw a knife. If you are a beginner, the chances are that you will be unable to throw the knife properly anyway and will break it much faster than I did.

If the only reason you are purchasing the knife is that you think it’s an excellent item to collect and you have no intention of throwing it, then don’t bother with my advice. In fact, simply going on Amazon, searching for rainbow throwing knives, and picking the one that looks the best will be fine. However, if the rainbow pattern is only meant to be an additional nice-to-have for you, choosing a knife from the following list would be a smart decision.

  • Overall best: Perfect Point PP-110-3RB
  • Easiest to learn: DamaskerUS 9″ 6pc
  • Cheapest: Perfect Point PP-595-6MC
  • Intermediate /expert choice: ProTactical’US Rainbow Stainless 6″ Throwers

Rainbow Throwing Knife Choices

Perfect Point PP-110-3RB

Overall Best: Perfect Point PP-110-3RB

Perfect Point has long been one of my favorite knife-throwing brands, especially when it comes to budget offerings. However, while they make quality knives for the price, it cannot be said that they make beautiful knives, too, unless you count their rainbow and multicolor collection.

The problem with rainbow knives is that almost none of the throwing knife companies manufacture their high-end knives in the rainbow pattern, which is why you have no choice but to pick a knife from their budget offerings. Overall, I have found the PP-110-3RB (rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon) to be the best rainbow throwing knife for its price, one that can be enjoyed both by knife enthusiasts and those who just want to have a cool item to play around with.

At a total length of 7.5″, I have found the PP-110-3RB to handle quite well, and the cord grip also makes it easier to hold the knife in a hammer grip (as the knife itself is quite thin, I believe removing the cord grip would make gripping the knife a bit difficult).

The only problem is that due to the shape of the blade, it is very difficult to hold the knife from the blade end. That said, the titanium-coated blades ensure that the rainbow pattern does not chip away after use, and the knife is durable enough to withstand proper throwing for a long time. However, considering its price and other Perfect Point knives at this price range, I cannot promise that it would survive improper throwing for a long time.

Easy to Learn: DamaskerUS 9″ 6pc

DamaskerUS 6pc rainbow throwing knife

DamaskerUS is not a brand that I have mentioned excessively in my reviews, and I must admit that it tends to slip under the radar when it comes to throwing knives. However, the 6pc 9″ rainbow set by the company offers the most basic throwing knife you can think of, albeit with a rainbow pattern. What this means is that the set is by far the easiest to learn, and you should be hitting the target with it very quickly.

The only problem for me was that its edge was not sharp enough for it to stick to harder surfaces. Also, the knives are not as strong as the PP-110-3RB. The company claims that it is using high-quality alloy steel, but we all know that you only get the cheapest steel at these prices. Still, you get six throwing knives in the box, and it will be a while before you are able to break all of them.

With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this Damasker set is not only extremely popular, but it is also cheaper than the Perfect Point mentioned above once you count that you get twice as many knives in the set (along with a larger nylon sheath).

If you are looking for an extremely simple knife that will handle great and work well for short distances, the DamaskerUS 6pc set is your best bet. However, just remember that it can be difficult to use the knives at longer distances due to the lightweight build.

Cheapest: Perfect Point PP-595-6MC

Perfect Point PP-595-6MC rainbow throwing knife

Just to be clear, the Perfect Point PP-595-6MC is not a rainbow knife but rather a multi-colored one. Still, it effectively does the same job (which is looking great while spinning in the air), and considering that it is the best knife that I could find at such a low price point, I thought it best to include it on this list.

You get a total of six knives in the box, each of 5.5″ overall length. Each knife is of a different color, with the blade edge and the grinding line being of bright color and the rest of the knife is black stainless steel. Even at this price, you still get a nylon sheath to carry all the knives.

There are only two things that you need to be aware of before you purchase the PP-595-6MC. The first is that this is an extremely small knife. As someone who actually prefers smaller throwing knives, I still found the PP-595-6MC to be a little too small for my hands. The second is that the knife is designed in such a way that the area between the blade and the handle can break quite easily. Even a single improper throw may be all that is needed to break the knife into two pieces.

That said, the finish seems to hold up well, and it isn’t too difficult to hit the target with the set either. However, just like the DamaskerUS set above, the knives are extremely difficult to use at long range due to the lightweight build.

Expert Choice: ProTactical’US Rainbow Stainless 6″ Throwers

Just to be clear, there really isn’t an expert choice when it comes to rainbow throwing knives. As I stated at the beginning, most of the manufacturers do not manufacture high-end rainbow throwing knives as there isn’t a lot of demand for them among professional knife throwers.

The Rainbow Stainless 6″ Throwers by ProTactical’US is as close as you can get to an expert choice rainbow throwing knife. First of all, the blade edge is sharp enough for the knife to stick to any surface. More importantly, the knife is larger than all others on this list and thus a bit heavier. This allows it to be used for long-range throws with relative ease.

This is not a very popular knife, and I was a bit apprehensive when I bought it to review it for this list. However, I was pleasantly surprised by its performance and its durability. The only negative is that the paint begins to chip off after use. As such, you may want to be a bit careful if you want to preserve its rainbow finish. Lastly, the company claims that you can use the throwers as a utility knife, but you can’t. The blade is not nearly sharp enough for that particular use case. Still, if you want a rainbow knife but are also serious about throwing it, this is the knife to get.

Choosing a Rainbow Throwing Knife (Beyond Looks)

Here, we will look at some of the characteristics of rainbow throwing knives that you need to watch out for. Once again, we will not be discussing the looks or the pattern on the knives, as that is subjective.

It is important to remember that at its core, a rainbow knife is just like an ordinary knife. As such, any knife that would be great for use as a standard throwing knife would also be good as a rainbow throwing knife.

Size and Weight

One of my major gripes with rainbow throwing knives is the fact that most of them are extremely small. If you are a kid or a parent that wants to buy knives for their kids, then this is a great thing. However, if you are a grown-up that also wants to throw these knives in a proper fashion, then it may be a problem.

If you have thrown knives before, then you will know what size you prefer. Personally, I prefer knives with an overall length of about 8″. As such, I had trouble using some of the knives on this list. Your experience may vary, and the only way to determine which size you find to be the most ergonomic is by testing the knife yourself.

Quality & Durability

Here lies another huge problem with rainbow throwing knives. Since rainbow knives are not usually bought by professionals, most of them are quite cheap. This means that finding a rainbow knife that is constructed from quality steel and holds up under heavy use is like trying to find a needle in a haystack or a black throwing knife in a muddy forest.

While the four knives mentioned above are more durable than their counterparts, I still would not consider them to be anything special when it comes to the build quality. Only the ProTactical’US Rainbow Stainless 6″ Throwers did not break even once during my testing. All of the other knives had at least one knife from the set break after a couple of hours.

If you are going to opt for a cheap rainbow knife, then I would recommend getting a pack of 6. This way, you will get to spend a little more time with the set before you have to spring for a new one.

Style and Shape

Once again, there are two problems that you need to watch out for when it comes to the style and the shape. The first one is the blade, and the second is the handle.

When it comes to the blade, just remember that if the blade has a lot of pointy edges i.e. it is a serrated blade, then you will have trouble holding it. Throwing knives are usually designed with a single pointy edge, and that is how they are meant to be used. A lot of techniques mandate that you hold the knife from the blade, and a serrated edge will make it difficult to do that. That said, it still looks very cool, and if you are okay with only doing the throws that require you to hold the knife from the handle, then you should be fine.

For the handle, make sure that it is wide enough for your hands. Some of the cheaper rainbow throwing knives are too thin and may cause trouble for people with large hands. Alternatively, you can use a grip to make it easier for you to hold the knife.