The Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport is a very simple construction full tang knife from Cold Steel. It is an intermediate version of the professional-grade models they offer and a step above the very basic regular knives and tools. Marketed as offering the same level of reliability but at a much lower price, the Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport is a convenient option for more novice throwers.

Cold Steel holds a TrustPilot score of 4.8 out of 5, which puts it at the ‘amazing’ end of the rating. and the Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport itself has held a star rating of 4.5/5. I think it might be one of the best beginner throwing knives to get into the sport.

It’s also my current pick as the best no spin throwing knife if you’re a beginner to the sport or the throwing style.

With this review, we will tell you what I think about the Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport and whether you should consider it a good option in its price range.

Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport First Impressions

At a first glance, the Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport seems like a pretty impressive piece. It is a full tang carbon steel construction with black finishing. It also features a lanyard hole for more advanced uses.

The item package does not come with a sheath, which I think should have been included for convenience and carrying. However, the item feels like a decently balanced thrower. It does feel a little fragile and thin overall, but that is a minor gripe. It has a 7-inch long blade length and measures 12 inches overall.

How I Reviewed the Cold Steel Sure Flight Throwing Knife

I had been waiting to get my hands on this product for a while to try it out and now that it is finally here I can say it was just as expected. While these do not come with any handle or grip, I certainly felt necessary to add a paracord or nylon strip grip to add a bit more weight as these were very light.

Over the course of the next few days, I had put the Sure Flight through fairly extensive testing methods to measure it as well as I could. I tested it with different throwing techniques and over various distances, and to my delight, it has held fairly well.

How the Cold Steel Sure Flight Knife Compares

A Great No Spin Thrower

Being a lightweight knife despite its length, I have found it works very well for no spin throwing over shorter to medium distances. The added weight from the paracord helps tremendously in getting it to stick into targets. Sure, the paracord was added by me, but it performs reasonably well without it too.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Master

The Cold steel Sure Flight Sport is a very comfortable knife to work with. It is ideal to use as a trainer knife to develop your throwing technique since it is very budget-friendly and you would not have to worry about damage costs. Although this only comes as a single unit and you would therefore have to purchase at least a few to have a good throwing experience.

Not as Durable

The durability of the Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport is very reasonable keeping its price in mind. However, with that budget-friendly option, the quality is not as premium as some other throwing knife brands or models. The finishing on it has chipped out a little bit over the few days of testing. I have found this issue can be remedied by using a grinder over the roughed out places to smooth it out again.

Since this is a relatively lighter weight knife, it is also crucial to ensure that an appropriate target wood is being used. The Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport has been reported to break or snap very easily if dropped on hard surfaces or used to hit harder, more difficult to penetrate targets.

Is Cold Steel a Good Knife Brand?

I have always found Cold Stele to be a decent budget knife brand, and the Sure Flight Sport is no exception. While other knives in the company’s line-up have had quality control issues at the low end, this is not one of those knives.

We have a great knife that throws above its price bracket. Though there are a few issues, the overall experience is a very positive one. I wouldn’t recommend that you pick this knife over a more expensive one from Cold Steel’s range, but it should do a good enough job for most people.

Common Alternatives

Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport vs Cold Steel True Flight

Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport vs Cold Steel True Flight

Both these knives have very similar issues but cater to different users. I have not found both of them to be very good in terms of durability. They are fragile and break a lot easier than the higher end more premium knives. That said, both of these knives are a reasonably good starting point if you do not have a lot of money in your pocket but you need a knife that can be used for multiple throwing techniques and grips.

The Cold Steel True Flight is a much larger knife and a lot heavier. This makes it much more suitable if you are an experienced professional thrower. On the other hand, the Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport is a lighter smaller, and easier to learn knife which would work much better with people just starting out on their knife-throwing journey.

Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport vs Cold Steel Pro Balance

The Cold Steel Pro Balance is a much larger knife as compared to the Cold Steel Sure Flight. In my recent testing and experience, I have found the Cold Steel Sure Flight to be a much better knife in terms of value for money. The Cold Steel Pro Balance has proved to be a very fragile and weak knife not very ideal for throwing.

The Cold Steel Sure Flight, while not very durable, still fares much better than the Cold Steel Pro Balance. The Cold Steel Pro Balance features a double-edge blade area with the Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport having a regular knife-edge type. While both have their positives and negatives, I have found the Sure Flight Sport to handle a lot better and outlast the Pro Balance by a considerable time.